How to use your iOS or Android smartphone as a wireless network camera

Now you can use your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone/tablet as a wireless network camera. To do this you have to follow the following steps:

  • Just download the app “Wireless Camera” app, from any App Store and open it on your iOS or android device.
  • The built-in iOS’s Web server feature start a website on your local network so that you can access your browser by pointing it to your gadget’s local IP address.
  • Now open Wireless Camera and set the settings as per your preferences. Now to start the recording you need to check/ select “Motion Detection and Add Timestamp” and also check/select “Enabled” at the top.
  • Adjust the focus of iOS device as per the requirement, and the video streaming starts giving video feed which is accessible on your device local address i.e on  http://your device’s local IP address.
  • Visit web interface and click/press on ” View Recorded Images ”  to see the recorded stream from your camera.

Now what if you want to see the video of your recording from outside. To do this there is a method to this. Following are the steps to do this and you just have to use your spare/additional Android handset as a wireless network camera.

  • First of all download Motion Detector Pro app by MVA. This app is available for free.
  • In this you can set your threshold for ideal motion detection, which can separate different kind of motions like burglars, motions of pets, roommates activities from the noise of trees, shadows, moths, etc.
  • It also provides for setting your phone number or email address so that you can receive the stream/ snapshots on your mobile or on email.
  • Now, click “Show advanced settings” to configure Motion Detector Pro to start after you send a specified text message. Define zones in the camera feed that you want to monitor and also turn on stealth mode that closes the app as soon as the phone is touched.
  • After you have done all this just activate the motion detection and you are done.




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