How to Sync Firefox on your Computer with your Mobile


If you want to share some links from your browser on whatsapp or want to save it on your phone, you generally mail it to yourself.

The mobile Firefox app provides you with a solution to get rid of e-mailing the link.

It provides you with a sync option so that you can sync your mobile browser to your computer and thus can access your browser history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs from any device.

It also provides some Add-ons so that you can customise your browser.

Now you can bookmark links on your computer and access them on your phone. For this you need to sync your mobile and steps for this are as below:

  • Go to Firefox Options and click the Sync tab.

Setup your Firefox Sync

  • Click on “Set up Sync and Create a New Account”.

Create a new account or use an existing one

  • After filling your details, you’ll see a security key, save it.
  • After creating an account, click on “Add a Device”.

Add your New Device

  • You’ll see a window that asks you for a code.
  • Open Firefox in your device and go to Preferences. Under the Sync menu, touch Connect and you’ll see the code you have to enter.
  • Enter the Code. Once the code is verified your device will be synced.
  • You can choose what to sync from the Sync tab

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