FREE and Open Source Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

There are many Open Source bandwidth monitoring tools available FREE. These tools also provides for alerts and limiting the bandwidth usage. They also provides the network performance reports to help in monitoring the network health. Some of the tools available are:


It monitors bandwidth in real time.

Check the bandwidth every half second.

Facility to set critical and warning thresholds to get informed when the usage is out of limits.

SolarWinds Bandwidth monitoring tool


It is useful in Network troubleshooting, development of communication and software protocol, analysis and education.

Wireshark bandwidth monitoring tool


This is useful and easy to use when testing the network performance having GUI.

Nuttcp-Cygwin-GUI network monitoring tool

Bandwidth Monitor

It provides numerical values of both upload and download speeds and represents them  graphically also for ease of understanding.

It records bandwidth usage also.

Generates daily, weekly and monthly bandwidth usage reports.

Evaluates LAN network, VPN connection and Internet Network on computers.



It supports variety of network interfaces.

Gives alert when network activity exceeds a certain level. It ensures you never exceeds bandwidth limits.

networx bandwidth monitoring tool


It monitors network speed and the upload and download data on any network interface.

It keeps the data and reports it.

netspeedmonitor bandwidth monitoring tool

Other bandwidth monitoring tools to name are:


Master Shaper



Internet Bandwidth Monitor (IBM)

BitMeter OS




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