Big Data Sources


There are many sources of big data of which some are illustrated below-

1. Social Media- As we know these days social media is flooded with huge amount of data. The social media generates data in various forms. It may be in the form of text, image, audio, video and any mix of these, etc.. Social media comprises of platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus and lot many to list here.

2. Transactional Data- Any application in use by any enterprise generates data regularly as far as they are in use by an enterprise. Such data comes under the category of enterprise data.

3. Activity Generated- There are many machines in use for one or the other function. Such machines may be satellite or any machines in use by an industry, equipments in hospitals, etc.. Data generated by such machines are activity based and thus comes under the category of Activity Generated.

4. Public Data- Data such as research publications, census data, published or made available by government, etc., is Public Data.

5. Archives- Data archived by any institute / organization. It is the discarded data as it is no more in use or is not required.

6. Apart from these enterprises also generates data in the form of .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc. files and is referred to as enterprise data.

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